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Atlanta, Georgia: Jewelry by Drekia, a business specializing in artisan handcrafted jewelry, is launching its new and improved website. Customers who want to embrace the artistry, individuality, and personableness that jewelry making should be, have to look no further.


Since its conception in 2017, Jewelry by Drekia has remained committed to creating limited edition, unique, high-quality pieces while ensuring that each customer feels like the only customer. Small, independently run, and dedicated to honesty and family values, Jewelry by Drekia challenges the stigma of mass-produced jewelry. The company frequently incorporates upcycled materials into designs as a way to shed light on environmental issues and motivate people to recycle.


And unlike manufactured jewelry, Jewelry by Drekia handcrafts personal pieces just as unique as the individual wearing them. Orders, whether they be custom or something that is simpler, are made with only hand-picked quality materials. Silver and gold elements, select Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gemstones such as Jade, Jasper, Turquoise, Lava, Quartz, and handmade beads are the signature items featured in every one-of-a-kind piece.


The signature Jewelry by Drekia jewelry collections includes the Bridal Bliss, Gem Ambiance, and Arm Candy Collections. The Bridal Bliss Collection is characterized by stunning handcrafted Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal pearls, and Quartz for that extra BLING! The Gem Ambiance and Arm Collections both feature decadent semi-precious gemstones and unique pieces. 


As the new website launches, so does the company's Everyday Girl Collection. This new line is designed to fit women who love fashion and appreciate affordable luxury. With this collection, designer Drekia aims to create artful, affordable, everyday pieces.


Drekia Tate, the founder, states, “I originally started this business as Drekia's Creations, and at the time I specialized in handcrafted jewelry, bridal invitations, and other accessories and event planning as well. I have since simplified my business to focus more on what I love, my ministry, my three beautiful daughters, and making jewelry!” 


She continues," There are so many different interpretations of style, there are some people who want a big party piece and other people who want something they can wear in the day or night that will look good in any situation. The Everyday Girl Collection really encapsulates all of that." 


The Everyday Girl Collection and all the authentic pieces from Jewelry by Drekia are guaranteed to make every moment special. From weddings to the routine, each piece captures the sweetest moments in life. And as Drekia herself would say, “I hope that you enjoy my design as much as I enjoy making them! Thanks for shopping Jewelry by Drekia.”

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