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The Why.... Why I do what I do!

Hi, Gems!

It feels like so many of us, especially us women, are waking up to our passions and desires. We are making space for ourselves, building communities, establishing routines, and committing to making our lives more authentic across the board. I think this shift is so inspiring and reminds me of why I began "Jewelry by Drekia".

Looking back, I realize that I have always been in love with art. Long before I started making Jewelry I found myself drawn to it. From doing hair and nails to helping other women plan their weddings and making floral arrangements, anything creative seemed to call to me. I love the way it promotes self-expression and allows me to push myself. Art has inspired me and helped me through life's constant changes.

As my long-term Gems may know, I am a single mom of 3 and have worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years! As you can imagine that responsibility came with struggles and days where I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore. But I did. Part of my motivation to continue strong was my faith, my family, and also my eye for design.

Truth be told, I started Jewelry by Drekia just to combat those long stressful days after work. There was this bright and enthusiastic part of me that came to life when I started making jewelry. I found such joy in the vibrancy of stones I found. It excited me and made me appreciate God's creations so much more. I found something just for me and when I needed it most.

So many times as moms we put ourselves aside to make sure that the kids are taken care of. We bite our tongue, pull our hair back, and throw on an old pair of jeans living in a perpetual state of "just get things done". This was the first time in a long time where I was working harder than ever but I did it with such joy because I knew that it was good for ME.

As time went on and my confidence grew, I felt ready enough to share my passion with others, and then something so amazing happened. All of a sudden this hobby slash therapy shifted into something more. I was creating jewelry for family, friends, and co-workers. And people were liking it. People wanted to see what I could do, they were telling their friends about it and coming back for more. And from that point on I knew stopping wasn't an option.

I threw myself into my work. Designing sample pieces, researching new techniques, coming up with prices, and hosting jewelry shows. All of a sudden after years of raising my girls with little to no support and working in a field that only seemed to drain me, I found something that not only made me happy, but I found something that could support myself and my family.

I was and still am overjoyed. Fast forward to now and I have the same love for art and inspiring others. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted Jewelry by Drekia to be creative, inspirational, vibrant, and above all else transparent. Everything from my pricing to the hand-picked crystals and stones that I use reflects the quality and integrity that I value in all aspects of my life. To see my labor of love morph into everything I dreamed it would be is beyond words.

Gems, I want you to be inspired and confident when you wear my jewelry designs. Knowing that I designed something that puts a smile on someone’s face is a feeling that I can't describe. I love seeing the glow of joy when someone puts on something I created. I love it, even more, when I realize that all of this came about because I did something for myself and it made all the difference.

Hopefully, my story is a reminder to us all that we could all use a little sparkle. We can all use a little creativity.

Blog Jewelry by Drekia Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Designer Atlanta, Georgia
The Why… Why I Do What I Do!

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