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Starting your own business

So you want to start your own business: How to get started????

How to start a business for yourself and make a profit? First, you will have to figure out what kind of product or service you have to make that you want to sell. What is your passion? What do you know about it? What would you like to turn into work? Step back for a minute and really consider what it is that you are good at or enjoy. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.

If you start your business by yourself, you have to take action on what you are doing first for you to succeed. One of the best tips for starting a business is to plan ahead and execute your plan. Look into the market and do some research to see if there is a need for your product or service. Once you have your idea, research your competition and do your best to differentiate your product or service. You will also want to create a business plan that will help you set deadlines and goals. This will help you throughout the process as you are trying to figure out things like pricing and customer acquisition. You need to figure out what audience you are trying to reach. You have to figure out how to get customers and then how to make money selling your products or service. This includes their age, likes/hobbies, and demographics. One final tip is to make sure you create a working mock-up of your product or service so that you are able to test it and get feedback.

Why would starting your own business be more fun than working at someone’s company?

The reason to start your own business is because business is like life – it can be hard so you want to learn how you can improve your chances of success and to earn more.

Maybe you want to learn how to manage a bigger business as well by starting your own home-based business that you can run without any employee assistance and control. You can also set up your own business for making money and selling some of your products or services online without hiring a marketing company or office worker.

Starting your own business is a great way to earn a lot of money for your small investment. It also can help with tax deductions. Yahaira Krahmer gave some great tax tips during the Overwhelmed to Organized the Summit.

Starting a home-based business can help reduce your taxes With the ever-increasing number of self-employed Americans, the question arises: can home-based businesses help reduce your taxes? For those who are considering going freelance, the answer is yes. There are many benefits to filing as self-employed for tax purposes. The first is the opportunity to create your own work schedule. It's up to you to determine how many hours a week you can work out of the home. Eventually, this will give you the flexibility to decide if the self-employment status is the right one for you. Another advantage is the self-employed person is able to deduct a portion of their home-related living expenses. This is especially helpful for those operating a home-based consulting business.

Legal Preparations

It is very difficult to succeed without prior preparation. There are a number of pitfalls involved in running a successful business, especially during the early stages when it is most difficult to attract customers and expand your revenue.

To prepare before you start your first website is whether or not you intend to hire a lawyer or not. While this is only a very small point that you should be prepared with, it can help during the whole course of your business, and your lawyer is very important. I attended a seminar where Joey C. Vitale discussed in his startup kit and how to get your LLC right the first time. Determine what your business filing will be. You need to decide whether you will fill Sole Proprietor, corporation, or something else. You may also need an occupational license and seller’s permit. Please be sure to check with your state. And don’t forget your EIN! Getting your EIN is free, so be careful of similar sites that try to charge you a fee.


Start by choosing an online platform to generate our own personal brand and website. There a few to choose from, such as Wix or Square, you may also want to choose Etsy if you are a creative business. Check out this website comparison tool to see what platform will suit your business needs (Click the link). Scroll down the pages to see the tool. Each platform has its advantages, you will need to decide what amenities each platform offers that are beneficial for you. Chantee Lackey of Jenika the Brand Guru talks about 7 reasons why you need a website in 2021. She offers website design and social media content planning. Call to schedule your website design consult today!

One of the key things that you need to do is build up your own brand or website (as well as social media accounts to gain followers and likes so you can interact with people and sell your products), but more importantly, you will need to build up as much SEO so you (as well as the thousands of people out there who like the products on your website) so you can appear on Google. It is important to have GREAT SEO so that you will rank high on Google. This may require some extensive research, but do not be afraid. Obtaining the SEO needed to rank high is not impossible (we will discuss SEO more at another time).

Three professional must-haves for your website are:

1. Professional email address

Godaddy offers a GREAT affordable email through Office 365 as low as 1.99 a month. There is also a 3.99 and an 8.99 option. There also other options out there. Do some research to find the one appropriate for your business needs.

2. Phone number solely for business

Google voice offers an alternate phone number to use on your existing line. Grasshopper is another way to go when looking for a professional business phone number. Research to see if this is a good fit for your business needs.

3. Address

If you are planning to do an online business a virtual address is a very good idea. One that I would recommend is PostScan Mail. You can use the address provided for mail service, packaging service, local pickup, and more. There are other providers out there offering similar services.

No matter what they tell you, starting your own business is the best way to go. Yes, you need to have a lot of ambition and determination, but it is totally worth it. The amount of satisfaction you will have when you are not just a regular employee, but your own boss who is running the show will be enormous.

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